Two Years Since Socialite's Murder

Police Drop Case; Mystery Remains

Crime Scene
Unsolved Case Draws Attention

After two years of investigation by the FBI, police and an army of private detectives, there has been no progress in solving the murder of Selene Rhodes. The authorities dropped the case long ago - too quickly? This journal, for one, is not ready to give up.

Examiner reporter Lara Sands is leading a new investigation into the circumstances surrounding the crime, hoping to put an end to the mystery and give some sense of closure to the victim's family and friends. If you have any information that may help with the investigation, please send it to us.

Missing Selene
One of the last photos of Selene
Selene's father fears her killer might never be brought to justice

Kostas Rhodes, Selene's father and owner of Hermes' Wings Communications, hasn't stopped searching for his daughter's murderer. "The police keep telling me the case will never be closed, but that's not helping me to cope with my daugther's death", said Kostas after Selene's body was found.

The Corner Shop
Casey Whitney
Casey Whitney

The Queen of the Upper West shows us her amazing house!

Need Cash?
Kostas Rhodes:
the Man
Kostas Rhodes

The different sides of being a millonaire.

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